ABOUT federico bellini

Strong, transgressive and impetuous. Federico Bellini gives life to its works of art by drawing from purely Made in Italy know-how, reinterpreted in its own way. Each jewel originates from state-of-the-art manufacturing developed with an alternate vision for materials, shapes and designs.

Tradition and Revolution collections although different in style, are a statement of a diverse contemporary way of thinking. Where nothing is taken for granted.

revolution is an attitude

Give voice to your personality, without compromises.

For free spirits, every moment is the right moment to assert one’s style and go against the flow.

Which line is the best representation of your style: Rebel, Heroes , Bad Saints or Outsider?

tradition is a choice

Immortal creations, true icons of elegance, carved out of the most precious materials. Discover a magic world where beauty is timeless, and poetry lives in every sparkle of style. Treat yourself with unique moments to be experienced and worn.